US Surrogacy Experts Explain Detailed Path To Parenthood For Gay Couples

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The US surrogacy experts are headed by Dr. Bruce Shapiro & Dr. Carrie Bedient from the The Fertility Center of Las Vegas are experts in the field of reproductive medicine and surrogacy, sharing over four decades of experience and are both Subspeciality Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. They claim they have the breadth of clinical experience and years of research, which have translated into scientific breakthroughs in the treatment of infertility, and ultimately offering the latest medical advances for patients along with the highest fertility success rates.


The Fertility Center of Las Vegas website states they are dedicated to giving the gift of parenthood to families all over the world, and that the center has helped thousands of patients realize their dream of parenthood. This is what one satisfied customer had to say… “The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has made possible our project in the most human manner. Not only the staff and doctor are very efficient professionals but they also are caring people who understood our wishes. The medical service has been excellent and everyone at the clinic gave us all the information we needed. They also know the challenges we face in our home country and have been able to assist with it. Also, Dr D and some other staff members speak multiple languages, including French. Almost a year after we still have contact with them as we definitely will try to have our second child through this clinic.”

The clinic’s surrogacy experts have been helping men and women discover parenthood for decades, and all of their experience together has now converted into a free online webinar. The expert surrogacy team have said that this is the perfect opportunity for both men and women to find out more information about becoming parents through surrogacy from experts in the field of reproductive medicine. They also say that these webinars discuss details about the pathway to parenthood from start to finish and include a questions and answers session, ultimately explaining how to minimize costs and maximize success throughout the complete surrogacy process.

A Surrogacy Experts spokesman explained that during the webinar, people would be shown privileged and impartial information that would help people save time, stress and money on their journey to parenthood through surrogacy. He also said that a complete overview of the process is explained, including costs, legals, and patient past experiences. He continued bu saying… “There’s also a section covering how to choose a surrogate/egg donor as well as how to choose the best IVF clinic to work with and the next steps to start or expand a family.”

He then said that “The Fertility Center of Las Vegas” had been ranked among the top centers of the United States due to its fertility success rates as determined by the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, and that US Surrogacy Experts Dr. Bruce Shapiro and Dr. Carrie Bedient; who personally assist on the online webinars, are internationally recognized for their research and scientific presentations.

He concluded by saying…. “We all know that surrogacy is an option for gay men thinking about becoming parents in the US, so this webinar has been specifically designed to guide anyone thinking of discovering parenthood through surrogacy. Space is limited and these LIVE webinars are always complete so it is advisable to sign up fast as space is limited, and we do begin the next broadcast on September 16th.”

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Swiss Gay Fathers Granted Parental Recognition in Landmark Surrogacy Ruling

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In a first, a Swiss gay couple have been recognized as the legal parents of a child conceived via an American surrogate mother, despite surrogacy being illegal in Switzerland, reports the U.K.’s Pink News.

The two St. Gallen-based fathers, whose partnership is legally registered in their home country, chose to have their child through the artificial insemination of a donor egg by one partner’s sperm. Both were listed as fathers on the U.S. birth certificate, after their California-based surrogate mother delivered the newborn and abdicated parental rights.

But when Swiss law still considered the surrogate mother and her husband the legal parents of the child, the two gay fathers petitioned the Swiss national registry for parental recognition, supported by their own local registry.

The Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) appealed the couple’s petition, forcing the case to be decided by St. Gallen’s administrative court earlier this month.

Last week, the court finally announced their decision to recognize the child’s California birth certificate. However, according to Gay Star News, a note about the child’s genetic surrogate parentage will remain on the record, in a partial acknowledgement of FOJ’s complaint.

The justice department can still appeal the decision to Switzerland’s supreme court, but has not yet announced any intention to do so.

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Germany Rules that Gay Dads of Surrogate Children Will Be Recognized as Co-Parents

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The ruling came about after a Berlin couple had a son born via the use of a Californian surrogate mom and wanted to both be recognised as the child’s parents

In a judgment that will provide legal recognition to some of Germany’s gay parents, a ruling by the Bundesgerichtshof (the German Federal Court of Justice) has decreed that the male partner of any man with a surrogate child may also be regarded as the child’s parent.

Surrogacy is currently illegal in Germany. However, an increasing number of gay couples are exploring surrogacy as a route to parenthood, typically using surrogate moms abroad.

However, until now, only the biological father of any children born was recognized as the parent.

The current ruling came about when a case was raised by a gay couple from Berlin. They had a son born through the use of a surrogate mom in California in 2010.

In the US, the Californian Superior Court formally declared both men as the child’s legal parents. However, they were not afforded the same recognition when they returned home to Germany.

The German high court issued its ruling on the Friday before Christmas (19 December). It effectively ruled that, in the interest of the ‘child’s welfare’ and consistency of care, the foreign authority’s decision in the matter must be respected.

The decision will have an impact on both same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Germany, but particularly for gay couples, who continue to lobby for joint adoption rights in the country.

The full German-language ruling can be read here.

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How Do You Choose A Surrogacy Agency?

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It pays to do your research when considering a fertility clinic and surrogacy agency; finding out about the experiences of those who have already undertaken the surrogacy journey is a good place to start.

Thinking about surrogacy but have no idea where to begin when it comes to choosing an agency that will help you achieve your dreams of parenthood?

Choosing a country where surrogacy is legal and gay individuals or same-sex couples are welcome as prospective parents is always advisable.

Although it may be tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, recent stories about disreputable agencies in countries such as Thailand and Mexico illustrate that surrogacy is one life-changing investment where it doesn’t pay to cut corners!

In this respect, the US is widely regarded as the ideal destination for surrogacy, with several states allowing commercial surrogacy and same-sex couples widely welcomed by most commercial agencies.

Although this may narrow the field somewhat, there remain dozens of fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies to choose from… which is where the Surrogacy Advisor on the Men Having Babies website comes into play.

Men Having Babies is a non-profit organization for biological gay fathers and fathers-to-be. It continually canvases its members for feedback on the fertility and surrogacy clinics that they have used, and asks them to rate them according to a number of factors.

The ratings are not reserved to US clinics, with an Israel agency, Tammuz, also scoring highly. The ratings include figures for treatment costs, average ‘journey length’ and – in the case of fertility clinics – average IVF cycles per journey.

‘The Surrogacy Advisor initiative is aimed to promote transparency and affordability by empowering prospective parents with unbiased reviews and statistical data on satisfaction levels, success measures, and real cost figures,’ said Men Having Babies’ Executive Director, Ron Poole-Dayan.

‘This information has already helped many prospective parents save thousands of dollars by identifying affordable, effective providers.’

‘We also have credible evidence of increased competition on both cost and quality of service that these rating tables promoted. Many providers who are doing well are featuring their ranking in their marketing materials, and several of the more expensive ones announced fee reductions.’

For anyone exploring surrogacy options for the first time, the Surrogacy Advisor will make for informative and interesting reading: not least the fact that agencies can charge widely different prices – ranging from $91,000-$171,000 in the US – and that the more expensive agencies aren’t necessarily the best rated on the directory.

The Advisor is part of Men Having Babies’ wider Provider Directory, which includes information on around 150 providers from across the world: clinics, surrogacy agencies, egg donation agencies, and law firms.

Currently, 16 different surrogacy providers receive ratings on the Men Having Babies Surrogacy Advisor. The top five, at the time of going to press, where as follows:

NW Surrogacy – overall score: 9.5
Creative Family Connections – overall score: 9.5
IARC – overall score: 9.33
ConcieveAbilities – overall score: 9.33
Tammuz – overall score: 9.22

Commenting on his agency’s high ranking, John Chally, co-director at NW Surrogacy Center said; ‘It’s an honor to help gay families have children.

‘Northwest Surrogacy Center has been working with LGBT families for over 15 years, and the reason is simple: we want everyone to be able to experience the joy and messiness and fulfillment of having children.

‘We’re delighted that the Men Having Babies survey acknowledges the quality of our work. I think so highly of the people who work here and their personal and professional dedication to our gay families. It’s gratifying to see that commitment and care reflected in the reviews of the clients we have known and loved.’

On the Fertility Clinic ratings, the following occupied the top spots at the time of writing:

IVF NJ – overall score: 9.83
Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine – overall score: 9.69
Fertility Center of Las Vegas – overall score: 9.67
California Fertility Partners – overall score: 9.56
Fort Worth Fertility – overall score: 9.50

For the full listings, and further information, check the Men Having Babies Surrogacy Advisor.

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