The Five Steps to Parenthood

The Five Steps to Parenthood

The journey to parenthood is simpler than you think.

  1. Schedule an Appointment or Complimentary Skype

    Schedule your complimentary Skype consultation or in person at one of our global conferences/seminars in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Texas as well as Europe and Asia.

    During this consultation, we will discuss all of the steps in your journey to parenthood and make you feel more confident and at ease with the process.

    We will address questions such as: how do you select the ideal surrogate/egg donor. We discuss medical, legal and financial considerations.

    Mentorship program: if you wish, we will put you in touch with one of our many parents who have completed the journey with us in different parts of the world, in order to familiarize you with this incredible and inspiring journey.

  2. Choose Your Egg and/or Sperm Donor & Choose Your Surrogate

    Choosing your surrogate/egg donor is one of the most important steps in your journey. We work with the top agencies in the world to find the ideal surrogate and egg donor.

    We use the most stringent medical criteria to select your surrogate: we assess their medical history, obstetric history, physical and psychological health, home and health environment as well as family/psychosocial support as will as their depth of understanding of the medical process.

    We will also help you find your egg donor by applying your criteria as well as assessing their genetic/medical/psychological health.
    You can also access our donor registry.

  3. Diagnostic Testing and Patient Evaluation

    Extensive diagnostic evaluation of your surrogate includes:

    • Thorough physical exam with particular attention to body mass index, overall physical health evaluation
    • Psychological testing
    • Urine toxicology screening
    • Evaluation of the uterus with sonohysterogram
    • Nutrition counseling/evaluation by our full time nutritionist with an outline of a nutritional program throughout the pregnancy. Our nutritionist will follow up with your surrogate each trimester.
    • Metabolic/infectious disease blood work up including extensive testing of such parameters as Vitamin D, B12 and Folic acid levels to ensure compliance with prenatal vitamin intake and assess nutritional status.
    • Home evaluation of the surrogate to ensure an ideal environment for the pregnancy.
    • Sperm cryopreservation and FDA screen of intended parents.
  4. Finalize Legal Contracts and Documentation

    Finalize legal contracts and documentation: Working with some of the top attorneys in the field of surrogacy, you are guided through the legal considerations and completion of legal contracts.

  5. Fertility Treatment

    The IVF process: The IVF cycle gets underway wherein the ovaries of the egg donor are stimulated to yield eggs and at the same time, the surrogate’s uterus is prepared for implantation.

    • Ovarian stimulation with gonadotropin hormones
    • Preparation of the uterine endometrium with hormones
    • Culture of embryos to blastocyst stage
    • Preimplantation genetic screening if recommended
    • Embryo transfer to the surrogate. For our intended parents who are not able to be present during the transfer, a live feed of the embryo transfer is provided by a HIPPA compliant and secure portal
    • Pregnancy blood test 10 days after transfer
    • First pregnancy ultrasound 2-3 weeks after confirmed pregnancy test

Our physicians and donor surrogacy team keep you updated every step of this journey. We follow the pregnancy until 10 weeks of gestation at which time we refer your surrogate to her Obstetrician. We stay in contact with the Ob and the surrogate throughout the pregnancy.

We will hold your hands throughout this incredible journey and are always available to you by Skype, email and phone 7 days a week. Never hesitate to reach out to us.